We are a london based interactive entertainment company founded by two Finnish games designers.

We create games using Unity 3D.

"Walking in summer sunshine in a white-washed provincial village under an intense blue sky, [Ionesco] was profoundly altered by the light. He was struck very suddenly with a feeling of intense luminosity, the feeling of floating off the ground and an overwhelming feeling of well-being. When he "floated" back to the ground and the "light" left him, he saw that the real world in comparison was full of decay, corruption and meaningless repetitive action. This also coincided with the revelation that death takes everyone in the end.

[...]a disgust for the tangible world, a distrust of communication, and the subtle sense that a better world lies just beyond our reach."

'Eugene Ionesco Revisited', Deborah B. Gaensbauer

Microsoft BizSpark Startup
Made in Creative UK